Which fence Do I Need

Boundary Fences

Depending on the size or your block, a fence can be a significant financial exercise, so it’s a good idea to be aware of what you’re options are. Weigh up the benefits before you decide.



Regular Styles : Butted, Lapped, Friendly Neighbour

Pros :
Can be easily customised.
Can be painted or stained whatever colour you like.
You can easily nail things to it and hang things on it.
Good for sound deadening, depending on build type.

Starts to Look old in a short period of time.
Is prone to termites and rot after time - usually 10 years +.
Can bow and buckle in the sun as it dries out.
Contains chemicals like Copper, Chromium, and Arsenate(Arsenic).
Require regular maintenance.


Pros :
Different Profiles: ZigZag, Trimdeck, spandeck, corrugated.
Pre painted(powder coated) to a limited choice of colours.
Attractive and sleek in design.
Colorbond® carries a 10 year manufacturers warranty.
Provides 100% total block-out.

Can get hot in direct sun – depending on colour.
No airflow through the fence.
Colour choice is limited to 16 colours.
More difficult to customise to situation.

Pool Fences

By law swimming pools are required to be fenced and comply with regulations. Sometimes fences can be visually intrusive, but as a necessity you can have a fence installed that is cost effective and creates the smallest visual signature possible.



Types: : Semi Frameless, Fully Frameless

Pros :
Creates the barrier without the visual intrusion of aluminium.
Looks more expensive than it is.
Provides clear unobstructed vision to the pool.
Much more difficult to climb.

If untreated, dirt can be seen on it in certain situations.
Provides virtually no air flow and can get hot.



Pool fence is a cost effective way to protect yourself and your kids from the pool. Ultimately, it is what it is and is customisable in every way. It's functional, long lasting, can be made to match your house colours and comes in a variety of different styles.

Outdoor Decorative Fences and Gates

There are virtually no limits to the types here. Some more common things are motorised gates (sliding or swinging), aluminium slatted fences and screens. Durable coatings and attractive designs make these solutions a very cost effective way to add value to your house or home. At BFC we are aligned with an expert team of fabricators that can make your drawings or sketches a reality.